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Digibyte 10100-DGB

Digibyte 10100-DGB

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1- Download and Install wallet


- Windows Wallet Mega:!VIxHGRJQ!6dKForQ4Vof8YEQ9OawS0EV4S3JbhuEgWnRwn6sx1s

- Mac OSX Wallet Mega:!tJZwlSwI!NpkzwULrSjcdyA6GqYobTBk66sQhrJiQQXHtW_x0hE8

- Linux Wallet Mega:!pM4yhYhK!WN2QbEmrlT5-IuJqjiSVrQgu_OsZeNQoc0fI0tySuzQ

2- Install wallet and provide us with your Address

3- Allow time for your wallet to synchronize. Once done, you will see the payments within 1-24hrs

This coin is going places, Many people don't know about it but it has a growing community. Buy Now because prices are only going to go higher once it hits Cryptsy and Bter.

good luck. Prices just went up. Don't be late

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