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1 x mcxFEE mxcNow fee share - NO RESERVE

1 x mcxFEE mxcNow fee share – NO RESERVE

Listing closed for $68.00
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This auction is for ONE mcxNow Fee Share

For each mcxFEE you own you receive a 0.001% of all exchange fees mcxNOW generates. Earnings are paid daily and are 1:1 correlation to fees generated. This means you will have all coins traded here added into your balance every 24 hours, the amount varying by the number of fee shares you hold and the daily fee revenue of mcxNOW.

Buyer must have an mcxNow account and PM me with their nick for me to transfer to. Escrow accepted.

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Posted Bids
UsernameBid AmountDate MadeWinner
c0n*******$68.0015-Sep-2013 21:44:53Yes
tra*******$65.0015-Sep-2013 21:44:48 
tra*******$64.2515-Sep-2013 21:24:37 
pat*******$61.2515-Sep-2013 21:24:08 
tra*******$60.0015-Sep-2013 21:24:02 
tra*******$58.1015-Sep-2013 21:04:31 
Sup*******$55.1015-Sep-2013 20:43:36 
c0n*******$55.0015-Sep-2013 19:20:13 
Ano*******$55.0015-Sep-2013 19:20:08 
c0n*******$46.0015-Sep-2013 16:49:12 
tra*******$45.0015-Sep-2013 16:49:08 
tra*******$41.0015-Sep-2013 16:25:05 
Ano*******$40.0015-Sep-2013 16:25:02 
Ano*******$36.0015-Sep-2013 15:53:57 
pat*******$35.0015-Sep-2013 15:53:54 
pat*******$34.0015-Sep-2013 08:16:50 
tra*******$32.0015-Sep-2013 07:22:26 
pat*******$30.0015-Sep-2013 07:22:23 
pat*******$27.0014-Sep-2013 18:29:01 
Man*******$25.0014-Sep-2013 18:28:57 
pat*******$20.0013-Sep-2013 23:14:53 
STA*******$19.0013-Sep-2013 23:14:51 
STA*******$18.2013-Sep-2013 23:14:32 
pat*******$17.2013-Sep-2013 23:14:30 
STA*******$16.0013-Sep-2013 23:13:55 
pat*******$15.0013-Sep-2013 23:13:52 
STA*******$13.5013-Sep-2013 10:25:35 
eeh*******$12.5013-Sep-2013 10:25:34 
STA*******$11.0012-Sep-2013 17:04:05 
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